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Nurturing the Special Needs of Couples

I am a relationship therapist certified by the Institute for Imago Relationship Therapy and I have completed training levels one, two and three with The Gottman Institute in Seattle, Washington. I am grateful to Harville Hendrix and John Gottman for their pioneering work in couples therapy. My work is an amalgam of these two frameworks. Successful relationships have two components: a good friendship and good communication especially in the area of conflict resolution. I help couples understand and put into practice the principles needed to build an emotionally connected and enduring relationship.


It's extremely gratifying to watch a couple move from a troubled relationship to a new-found, deeper appreciation for one another, as well as, a richer understanding of their partner and how this understanding is key to building a unique and successful relationship. Whether your situation is grappling with a particular issue in an otherwise stable relationship, struggling in your relationship but know you want to stay together, or mired in negative patterns and question whether your relationship is viable, a relationship is too precious to leave resolution to chance--and it's never too late to try.

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